Oppa, Oppa [Semi-Hiatus]
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satanbot Asked:BEEP BA BOOP


  • Leeteuk: Don't believe any rumor!! If Oppas (We,SJ) already found the girl whom we loves and sure to bring into marriage,we will told it by ourself to ELF. Publicly just same like Shindong do. We promise.
  • Yesung: "Don't believe anything that does not come out of our mouths!!"
  • ELF must remember this!
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And just like that, I become ignored again. -curls up in a ball, my tail wrapping around me-

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Yeahh, and be careful of your new ears, tail and your back, they’re very sensitive sghadjfg

A-ah, ne… 

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leedonghai-ah Asked:/snuggles on your neck and sniffles/ ;n;

Hey, it’s okay… -wraps my arms and tail around you protectively- I’m here, now.

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You’re, uh, /really cute/ to say the least ghsjdfkg

-smiles widely, ears perking up- Thank you, yeobo~